Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Apple to release electric car by 2019

Company hires a team of 600 people in order to complete the project by 2019

Shortly after the launch of the new iPhone, Apple is aiming for something bigger. The company is working on a project, named ‘Titan’ which aims to launch a car by 2019, Wall Street Journal reported.
While some expressed doubt over Apple being able to meet its said targets, the company has dedicated a total of 600 people to work on the car.
However, following the success of this project, the company may invest in a vehicle with self-driving capabilities howeverm, some reports say it is unlikely to be completely autonomous.
Given the much talked about plans to break into the automobile market, Apple in the past year has hired many big names- Doug Betts, formerly of Toyota, Nissan and the Chrysler Group, joined in July; and Paul Furgale, a robotics specialist, left his former post at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology earlier this year.
Further, according to The Guardian, Apple was attempting to test robotic cars at a former naval base near San Francisco.
From what it seems, Apple maybe considering Google as its competition given that it recently announced John Krafcik, a former CEO of Hyundai Motors America, as chief of its self-driving car project.
Further, not only has Google been testing its self-driving cars for years, it also began driving trials on its recent egg-shaped prototype in May

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