Monday, 15 December 2014

Make Money Blogging with these 3 Simple Tips

You want to make money with your blog, but why are over 90% of the sites out there failing to make any money at all?
The answer is simple… content is king, but if it’s not created the right way, it isn’t going to make you money.
Here are three simple steps to make money blogging through content that actually provides value and gives the user what they want.
Blogging for Money


When people use the internet, they want one of three things; to either be entertained, to buy something or for research. If you aren’t providing to these three angles, you are already falling behind.
The most profitable of these three methods is targeting an audience who wants to “buy something”. They are already in buying mode, so providing your audience with quality reviews and easy to find buy buttons is one of the best ways to convert your site traffic into sales.
Don’t have anything to sell? No problem, this is what affiliate marketing is for!

List Posts

Everyone loves a good list post, and the good news is that they can be applied to almost any niche or audience.
Where most list posts go wrong is that they create a killer headlines, build out the content and images for their post and then when someone gets to the end of their article… they simple let them leave.
Instead of ending your list post with the latest numbered item on your list, end it with a call to action. Something as simple as “Of all the methods mentioned above, my favorite is _____.” — and give your audience something they can take action one.
This can be as simple as sending them to another page on your site, joining your mailing list or pushing them off to a product you will earn a commission on when someone signs up.

How To Articles

We covered how to target an audience that wants to buy something and also those looking for entertainment, now we can cater to the information research audience as well.
Imagine how many people search Google everyday starting with the keywords “How to…”? It’s well into the millions.
Now think about how you could provide value and cater to this audience.
In many occasions, a “how to” post usually provides a walk through process and an end solution. This end solution in many cases is an alternative solution or method that you could refer your audience to. Once again, affiliate marketing is a huge asset here.
For example, when I created my How to create a niche blog series, I walked through the process of creating a site from beginning to end. Along the way I recommended many of the different services I use to create the site, such as hosting, list hosting, social plugins and so on. This same method can be applied to millions of other topics and niches, so don’t focus too much on WordPress and blogging “how to” articles, which have already been written millions of times over.

Create Content that Provides Value and Makes You Money

We all want our blogs to be successful and many people seem to be scared of try to make money with their blog or web site at the same time — don’t be!
To create a quality blog, you need to put in massive time and effort — which you should be rewarded for. Look at your audience, think about what they need and provide that demand.
Implement these methods into your site to create content that people will find value in and also appreciate your personal recommendations on services and tools you use, while earning a side commission in the process.


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